jennifer abessira

Looking through Jennifer Abessira’s “Elastique Project” is like having a well put together artist book in your hands. The “project” which started as “a urge to do something with all the visuals on the internet”, have resulted in a creative gender bending between her own images and pictures taken by other artists. An elastique way of playing with aesthetic, humor and associations, which forces you to stop and stare for a minute (or three), among today’s overload of images.

Elastique Project


Variations on Sexual Technique


In the latest issue of Odiseo, Jonathan Schofield did a series for the Barcelona-based erotic bi-annual as an anti-pornographic declaration. And for good reason… Sexualized imagery came into the fashion- and art industry as a fresh breath of mint, but over the last years the whole “free the niple-situation” did go a little bit to far, didn’t it? Or as the art director himself says; the tits for hits mentality of modern media.

You can find the magazine here