Dresses, dresses, dresses! I looove dresses..!
The problem is… I find them to be quite problematic.. A dress is either too cute, too revealing or too dressed up for an occasion. Both the day- and night time category ones. The dresses from C.L.E.A.N by Christina Ledang are neither. Like the basic white t-shirt, I think I’ve found a basic dress.
(Kudos for the choice of model!)

Admir Batlak & Ingrid Eggen

Admir Batlak & Ingrid Eggen

“On the one hand there are clothes, on the other hand there are photographs.”

For those of you living in Oslo; This month the Norwegian designer Admir Batlak has teamed up with the artist Ingrid Eggen. Together they have created an exhibition where clothes and fashion have got the permission to merge. The pictures explore the space between the natural shape of the body and poses often seen in a fashion context.

FORHøST is shown at 1857 gallery April 14, 2015 together with the Admir Batlak‘s fall 2015 collection.