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Movie Once Upon a Time Kansas download free! Book Title: Once Upon a Time Kansas
Directors: Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: 2014-05-04
Runtime: 44 min
Stars: Ginnifer Goodwin,Jennifer Morrison,Lana Parrilla
User ratings: 7.1
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Full movie description "Once Upon a Time Kansas":

As Mary Margaret goes into labor, the residents of Storybrooke try to prevent Zelena from stealing her newborn baby for use in her evil plan. Back in the land of Oz, Glinda tries to convince Zelena to fight her evil tendencies and join her as a protector of Oz.

Movie Once Upon a Time Kansas download free

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With Snow's baby on the way, it is time to see if Zelena's plan will come to fruition. But, as Zelena rips through Snow's allies, there is a need to revisit the Glenda situation. Which, leads to a familiar character from Kansas visiting the show. The interesting part is the ending of the episode however.

Topic 1: The Heart of Oz - Zelena

During the pieces of the story within the past, we learn of how Glenda ended up banished in the Enchanted Forest. You see, after Zelena disposed of the Wizard of Oz, but before Regina became Queen, Glenda approached Zelena about becoming one of the sisters, those of which guard Oz. For there has been an empty chair for the witch of the west, the one who represents innocence, for a long time. Zelena, on hearing she is to take the seat of the innocent, questions Glenda for she feels far from innocent, but with the theme of the episode being that people can change, Glenda hopes Zelena can do so.

Thing is, it seems like it was Zelena's fate to be the greatest evil Oz has ever known, and while, at first, it seemed she would fight her evil instincts, even turning back to her natural pale skin tone, then comes Dorothy. With her arrival returns a sense of envy as Glenda and the other witches dote on her. And despite Glenda's gift, the pendant which holds and strengthens Zelena's power, and is a symbol of the sisterhood, Zelena remains threatened by Dorothy. Even to the point of trying to kill her with fire magic, which leads to the classic counter attack of Dorothy throwing water on the wicked witch of the west and she, Zelena, melting.

She isn't dead though. In fact, she seemingly played a trick on both Dorothy and Glenda, and once Dorothy is back home, Zelena reveals herself. And being that Glenda is the keeper of history, she vows to make sure Zelena's fate is sealed. So, being that Glenda declares herself an enemy, she gets banished to the Enchanted Forest.

Topic 2: Once Upon A Time You Were Evil - Regina

In the present, everyone is doing their best to protect Snow. Emma has a barrier, with Regina helping; Robin Hood and his merry men are guarding the hospital entrance; and charming has a sword. All this, as you would expect, does little to nothing for between Zelena's powers and Rumple, it is like a few scattered ants against a menacing 10 year old. Leading to, once again, Snow losing her baby before even getting to really bond with it.

Unbeknownst to them at the time, things are far worse than they know. You see, Emma tries to do a pre-emptive attack against Zelena, with Hook in tow after Charming seems to slightly forgive him and even stand up for him, but all he ends up being is a liability. For with Zelena's curse still on his lips, she has Rumple drown him so that Emma would be forced to give him CPR, and with this she loses her powers. Making way for a new hero to be born.

Said hero, or rather heroine's, name: Regina. In what seems to complete her 180 degree turn since the first season, it is noted that her true love's kiss was white magic, and that with her being able to perform white magic once, surely she could again. So, when Emma returns without a baby, everyone goes off to face Zelena who has all the ingredients she needs. Regina's heart; a brain, which isn't necessarily Rumples but spun of golden straw he made; Charming's courage; and Snow's baby born of love. With this she begins her spell and of course everyone shows up just in time to stop her, including Robin Hood and his men. But, the battle starts off very one sided, and honestly overall was quite boring.

However, upon Regina seemingly about to lose round 3 to Zelena, round 2 was in the hospital, she reveals her ability to use white magic, which is strengthened when Robin Hood throws her heart to her. Thus allowing Regina to snatch Zelena's necklace and undo the curse on Little John, while also freeing Rumple. Which of course almost lead to the death of Zelena for Rumple is ready to kill her, but Regina takes the dagger and gives Zelena mercy. Though she does lock her up and place her pendant in the mausoleum, though she really should have destroyed it in all honesty.

Leaving us with the wrap up in which the baby is returned to Snow, and Emma speaks on her going back to New York with Henry soon, even though he is looking into apartments so they can stay. But, the interesting part comes from an interaction between Rumple and two people. The first being Belle, who he proposes to, and then Zelena. You see, Regina gave the dagger to Belle, and Belle the dagger to Rumple, and seemingly in his proposal he gave the dagger back to her, but this was a trick. In truth he has it, and after Regina gives a heart to heart to Zelena in her cell, Rumples comes in a bit after and goes for his vengeance.

With this, Zelena turns into something porcelain like and shatters. But, as with her melting before, it questionably is a trick. For though separated from her pendant, it seems that if her body is destroyed that maybe she can be immortal as long as the pendant exist. Though this could be wrong since all we see at the end of the episode is a green fog come from her pendant and seemingly Zelena's magic activates the place she planned to cast her spell and a portal is open. What will come of this only the next episode can tell.

Movie Once Upon a Time Kansas download free

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Movie Once Upon a Time Kansas download free

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