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Movie Home Improvement Not-So-Great Scott download free! Book Title: Home Improvement Not-So-Great Scott
Directors: Peter Bonerz
Genre: Comedy, Family
Release Date: 1998-11-03
Runtime: 30 min
Stars: Tim Allen,Patricia Richardson,Earl Hindman
User ratings: 3.1
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IMDb Rating: 6.9
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Full movie description "Home Improvement Not-So-Great Scott":

While Jill is training as a psychologist, one of her patients discloses an affair with Heidi's husband, and Jill inadvertently tells Tim.

Movie Home Improvement Not-So-Great Scott download free

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Everyone get set for Fool Time... say, remember a few episodes back they held a contest to add lyrics to the theme song? What happened there? Did they decide the theme song didn't need lyrics after all? Eh, who cares? Anyway, they're on location in a gracious woman's wine cellar, installing insulation and a climate control system...or rather, Al and Heidi do the work and Tim just jokes around. They still manage to get the cellar looking very snazzy, and to commemorate her new wine cellar, the owner adds a bottle of '56 Rothschild. Now, you've heard of a show going through the roof, but what about going through the floor? The shelf containing the aforementioned rare wine falls through the floor thanks to Tim not installing a reinforcement. At home, Tim is working on the Nomad (and do keep in mind that car is synonymous for disasters on this show) with Heidi's husband, Scott. What a car guy. I'll bet if Heidi hadn't married him, Tim would've. So Heidi comes to get her man, and suggests a double date. Tim wants to see wrestling, while the girls want to go out to dinner. Jill suggests a compromise: they go out to dinner, and Tim and Scott can wrestle over the check. Next day, Jill has a therapy session...SHE'S the therapist. She talks with a young blonde who talks about her boyfriend: a married man. She says his name is Scott... may just be a coincidence. She mentions he works at Channel 8...where Heidi's Scott also used to work, apparently. When she gets home, she calls to request getting taken off this woman's case, mentioning the affair affecting someone her husband works with. Tim catches the tail end of the conversation and demands to know who it is.

Being a therapist, Jill would know the number 1 rule of the profession: confidentiality. But you forget, Jill is a lousy therapist, and she's also an idiot. She tells Tim about Scott's affair, and he's quick to deny it, knowing a car guy, especially a Chevy guy, would never do such a despicable thing. Now, it's on to their double date at Sarrentino's and of course, Antonio is their waiter. Why does this character keep resurfacing? He's not funny. Anyway, the red flags start to go up when Scott mentions he's working late, and the pin Heidi is wearing is the same one Jill's patient had on. Tim and Jill get into a hushed conversation, and now it's Tim's turn to not know when to shut up. He keeps letting on that they know, and so Scott comes clean. He and Heidi get into it, while Tim and Jill slip out. When they get home, they blame themselves for the scene at the restaurant. Actually, it was both of their faults, as they both should've kept quiet about it. But, of course, the real one at fault is Scott for starting all this. Next day, Jill talks to Wilson while he's got his outdoor cider chemistry lab going. She tells him what she did, acknowledging that she destroyed the whole psychology profession by breaking confidentiality. Wilson backs that up by saying she could've been kicked out of the program, the university could get sued, etc., and the idiot has the gall to point out that Wilson isn't making her feel any better. He proceeds to launch into drama queen mode in what is the ultimate low point in Earl Hindman's acting career. They must have told him to overact like that on purpose. However, when he gets his panties out of the knot, he assures Jill that she'll make a fine therapist. He was lying, of course, but she bought it. Later on, Scott has the audacity to call the Taylors. Tim wants nothing to do with him, except when he mentions Lions tickets, then the value of friendship means nothing to Tim. Then Heidi comes over to apologize for that unpleasant scene the other night. She and Scott had a big fight, and she's going to stay with him because she's an idiot, and it all works out. Somehow.

Alrighty, well as usual the show's attempts to be funny in awkward situations are NOT funny. This episode featured some really bad writing as well as acting, and once again Tim Allen is allowed to run rampant, mugging and yammering like a child hopped up on sugar. Wilson's little outburst was not funny, but maybe it could've been if we could SEE HIS FACE. And maybe it would've helped to build on Scott's character before they did an episode like this? And of course, Jill is by NO means a qualified therapist. I don't know WHY they decided to give her character that arc. Out of all the professions they could've given her. WHY psychology? Maybe the show runners flunked out of psychology and wanted to get even? By all means, I suggest skipping this episode. It is ill-conceived, annoying, unfunny, poorly written, poorly directed, poorly acted and a rehash of Season 2's "Let's Did Lunch." It just sucks. Not-So-Great Scott? Not-So-Great episode!

Movie Home Improvement Not-So-Great Scott download free

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Movie Home Improvement Not-So-Great Scott download free

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